strip label

strip label
strip label - (See label)

Glossary of postal terms. 2014.

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  • label — [lā′bəl] n. [OFr, a rag, strip < Frank * labba, akin to OHG lappa, a rag, shred: for IE base see LAP1] 1. Archaic a) a narrow band of cloth, etc.; fillet b) a narrow strip of ribbon attached to a document to hold the seal 2. a card, strip of… …   English World dictionary

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  • Label — La bel (l[=a] b[e^]l), n. [OF. label sort of ribbon or fringe, label in heraldry, F. lambeau shred, strip, rag; of uncertain origin; cf. L. labellum, dim. of labrum lip, edge, margin, G. lappen flap, patch, rag, tatter (cf. {Lap} of a dress), W.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • label — A strip of paper (printed singly or in multiples) that shows destination, mail class or type, office of distribution, and routing instructions. It is placed in the label holders of cases, pouches, or sacks. Also, a type of directive that provides …   Glossary of postal terms

  • Strip 'Em Blind Live ! — Strip Em Blind Live ! est le premier album live du groupe hydrogyn. Il est sorti le 27 juillet 2007 sur le label Underclass. L album est enregistré à Charleston (West Virginia) le 1er septembre 2006. Jeff Westlake est à la production. Titres …   Wikipédia en Français

  • Label dispenser — A bench top label dispenser is a machine built to simplify the process of removing a label from its liner or backing tape. Label dispensers are designed with varying sizes and features which are often specific to the type of label they can… …   Wikipedia

  • label — {{11}}label (n.) c.1300, narrow band or strip of cloth (oldest use is as a technical term in heraldry), from O.Fr. label, lambel ribbon, fringe worn on clothes (13c., Mod.Fr. lambeau strip, rag, shred, tatter ), possibly from Frankish *labba or… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Strip Tease (album by Lady Saw) — Infobox Album Name = Strip Tease Type = studio Artist = Lady Saw Released = August 24, 2004 Recorded = Genre = Dancehall, Reggae Length = 65:57 Label = VP Producer = Christopher Chin (exec) Niel Amos Donovan Vendetta Bennett Christopher Birch… …   Wikipedia

  • label — labeler, n. /lay beuhl/, n., v., labeled, labeling or (esp. Brit.) labelled, labelling. n. 1. a slip of paper, cloth, or other material, marked or inscribed, for attachment to something to indicate its manufacturer, nature, ownership, destination …   Universalium

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